Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift Ideas

Okay everyone, I am in desperate need of gift ideas.  Andrew has only 3 weeks left of school which means I need gift ideas for his teachers and the staff.   I am not sure what my budget is, but I welcome any and all ideas.

Can anyone help me?

Welcome to Sweet Tea and Giggles

Hi and welcome to Sweet Tea and Giggles!  This blog is about the daily life of a stay at home mommy of two toddlers, a husband, and a new business owner all with a sweet tea in hand and giggles in the background!  I hope you enjoy my new blog even though it isn't really new since I have been doing it for some time.  It is really a continuation of the old blog just with a fun new name and maybe different writing perspective.

I am working on having all of my old posts exported into this blog but it might take some time since I have a quite a few posts in the other blog.  This blog is like a journal to me so it is important to keep all of my old posts.  It will be great to go back and read as the kids get older and also let them read it one day.

I have also started a blog for Pink Hippo Boutique so check that one out too.