Thursday, June 3, 2010

Business Updates

I am very excited to say that things with my business have been going great!  I am completely booked for the month of June and it is only the 3rd day into the month.  How exciting is that?  Granted,  part of it is because I will be out of town next weekend but still this is the first time I have been fully booked for an entire month.  Most of the orders I have received have been large orders so I haven't been able to take as many as previous months, but that is okay by me.   I am still very excited about how well things have been going and it is hard to believe that I am at 160 orders in seven months on Etsy, not to mention my personal website is starting to attract some people.  I had three emails from personal website regarding my products and one actual order!  It has been a very exciting month already.  It makes me excited and pushes me to continue to promote my website and get things updated.  Hopefully I will continue to move up in the Google searches and increase my exposure!

I think the thing that makes me the most proud of the success of Pink Hippo is that I have really done it on my own.  I would say about 98% of my orders have been from total strangers.  There is something about someone I don't know purchasing my product and then telling me how much they love it that just gives me complete satisfaction.  Not that I don't feel good when my mom says the same thing but it is different when it is a complete stranger.  :)

I am hoping to hit 200 sales on Etsy by the end of the summer and 250 by the end of the year!  Please spread the word to your friends and family about Pink Hippo Boutique!  I would love any referrals.