Monday, August 29, 2011

August Craziness...

This has been an absolutely crazy month!  I am actually really glad it is almost over, I am ready to go back to a "normal" sense of life.  Ha is there such a thing?

We are now just a week and half away from moving into our new beautiful home!  Our walk through is Thursday and then we close the following Wednesday.  We are all so excited and cannot wait, but as excited as I know I am, the kids are a million times more excited!  This new neighborhood is amazing!  There are so many kids for Andrew and Maiya to play with, in fact we have already had several play dates with some of our new neighbors (and we haven't even moved in yet!)  Everyone is so friendly and nice and it is going to be a great new beginning for our family!

Andrew is doing great in kindergarten.  We have curriculum night tomorrow at his school so I am looking forward to going to that.  He is really coming into his own this year, I can already see how much he has grown in the first month of school.

Maiya starts her first day of preschool next week and I cannot believe it.  She is only going 2 days a week but I know she will love.  We got to meet her teacher last week and she is super nice and sweet.  I am the room mom so that should be interesting considering I have never done it before.  Maiya is LOVING ballet.  She gets so excited when Tuesday rolls around. 

My mom's chemo treatments have been canceled indefinitely because her heart cannot take anymore. The doctor said that she has a 50/50 chance of it coming back since she was not able to complete the remaining 9 months of treatment so I am going to pray that we are on the side of it not coming back.  She of course she is worried but going to just focus on the good things and do her best to stay positive. 

Andy and I are doing great!  We are excited about this new chapter in our lives and are excited for the future!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Maiya was born to be a star!  This week she had her first ballet class and I don't think she ever stopped smiling. From the time we bought her outfit on Monday until she took it off after class on Tuesday she smiled.  She absolutely loved every minute of it! My face hurt when we left because just watching her I couldn't stop smiling either.
Before we left for class
 Miss. Ellen helping with her shoes
 Getting ready
 Ballerina Spin
 Coming back and doing "airplane"

Friday, August 19, 2011

For my mom...

and all the woman out there fighting against cancer!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Days

On Thursday Andrew started kindergarten!  He did great getting on the bus and wasn't too nervous, but I was a wreck.  I could not stop crying...I wasn't sobbing out of control like some crazy mom, but I was definitely having a hard time keeping it in.  My only saving grace was that I had to meet another mom for breakfast so I got myself under control pretty quickly and headed off to her house.  Then I hear Maiya crying and I thought she hurt herself.  I asked her what was wrong and by this time she was crying really hard and she said "I miss Andrew!"  It broke my heart but was so sweet at the same time.  Once Maiya was feeling better we headed off to our friend's house where we decided we needed some emotional support so we went to the PTA sponsored breakfast at the school and then I went back to her house for a playdate.   We had a great time and it made the day go by so much faster.  I highly recommend having an emotional support playdate!

I was so excited when Andrew got off the bus to ask about his day.  He was really upset because he had forgot his water bottle and the bus was really hot but I got him some water and he started to feel better.  He did not enjoy the first day so much, but he loved the second day so I think it will just be an adjustment for him.  He has made friends on the bus and at school which is very important considering everything he went through at preschool.
Andrew at the bus stop!
 Andrew with Aunt Tyler
 Mommy, Daddy and Andrew before meet the teacher
 All the kids at the bus stop (and their parents)
 Andrew on the bus!
I can't wait to hear about his day everyday!  So much fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning to Let Go

In just a week my son will start kindergarten.  He will get on the bus at 7:30 and get home at 3:30.  A whole day without his mommy.  A whole day without my boy.  How will he cope?  How will I cope?  The funny thing is I know he will do amazingly well and the truth is I am not really all that worried about him...I am worried about me.  I am and always have been a very emotional person especially when it comes to my kids.  I would be very content if they stayed little forever and never left me, but since I know that won't happen I just cry with each major milestone.  

Don't get me wrong I am so excited for Andrew and I have been great at cheering him on.  It isn't until I check on him after he is asleep that I wonder "when did he get so big?"    When did my first born become a kindergartner?   Well if you are a first time parent or about to become one let me tell you the feels like overnight!  So hug them and love them and when the time comes for them to get on that bus cheer for them because it will be hard for them, but it will be harder for you to let them go!

Below is a great story a friend shared with me!  Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack who was about to climb his very first beanstalk. He had a fresh haircut and a brand-new book bag.
     Even though his friends in the neighborhood had climbed this same beanstalk almost every day last year, this was Jack's first day and he was a little nervous. So was his mother.
     Early in the morning she brought him to the foot of the beanstalk. She talked encouragingly to Jack about all the fun he would have that day and how nice his giant would be. She reassured him that she would be back to pick him up at the end of the day. For a moment they stood together, silently holding hands, gazing up at the beanstalk. To Jack it seemed much bigger than it had when his mother had pointed it out on the way to the store last week. His mother thought it looked big, too. She swallowed. Maybe she should have held Jack out a year...
      Jack's mother straightened his shirt one last time, patted his shoulder and smiled down at him. She promised to stay and wave while he started climbing. Jack didn't say a word.
     He walked forward, grabbed a low-growing stem and slowly pulled himself up to the first leaf. He balanced there for a moment and then climbed more eagerly to the second leaf, then to the third and soon he had vanished into a high tangle of leaves and stems with never a backward glance at his mother.
     She stood alone at the bottom of the beanstalk, gazing up at the spot where Jack had disappeared. There was no rustle, no movement, no sound to indicate that he was anywhere inside.
     "Sometimes," she thought, "it's harder to be the one who waves good-bye than it is to be the one who climbs the beanstalk."
     She wondered how Jack would do. Would he miss her? How would he behave? Did his giant understand that little boys sometimes acted silly when they felt unsure? She fought down an urge to spring up the stalk after Jack and maybe duck behind a bean to take a peek at how he was doing.
     "I'd better not. What if he saw me?" She knew Jack was really old enough to handle this on his own. She reminded herself that, after all this was thought to be an excellent beanstalk and that everyone said his giant was not only kind but had outstanding qualifications.
     "It's not so much that I'm worried about him," she thought, rubbing the back of her neck. "It's just that he's growing up and I'm going to miss him."
     Jack's mother turned to leave. "Jack's going to have lots of bigger beanstalks to climb in his life," she told herself.
     "Today's the day he starts practicing for them...
And today's the day I start practicing something too: Cheering him on and waving good-bye."
(Author Unknown)