Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preschool Fun!

Maiya started her first year of preschool last Tuesday.  While we were in carpool line I asked her if she was excited and she said yes, then I asked her if she was nervous and she looks at me and says "Nope!  When can I go in?"  I told her she had to wait until a teacher came and got her out of the car and then finally it was her turn.  My stomach was in knots but she hops out of the car and without even looking back at me she says "I love you mommy!"  

When I picked her up she was so excited.  She loved school and couldn't stop talking about her first day.  She said she loved everything but that she was upset because it rained and they couldn't go out on the playground.  I asked her if she missed and she said "No, I had too much fun!"  Her teacher brought her out to the car yesterday and told me that Maiya is her saving grace in the class and she absolutely adores her.   I love hearing that about my kids...and to think I was worried about Maiya being a trouble maker.  LOL!