Monday, August 15, 2011

First Days

On Thursday Andrew started kindergarten!  He did great getting on the bus and wasn't too nervous, but I was a wreck.  I could not stop crying...I wasn't sobbing out of control like some crazy mom, but I was definitely having a hard time keeping it in.  My only saving grace was that I had to meet another mom for breakfast so I got myself under control pretty quickly and headed off to her house.  Then I hear Maiya crying and I thought she hurt herself.  I asked her what was wrong and by this time she was crying really hard and she said "I miss Andrew!"  It broke my heart but was so sweet at the same time.  Once Maiya was feeling better we headed off to our friend's house where we decided we needed some emotional support so we went to the PTA sponsored breakfast at the school and then I went back to her house for a playdate.   We had a great time and it made the day go by so much faster.  I highly recommend having an emotional support playdate!

I was so excited when Andrew got off the bus to ask about his day.  He was really upset because he had forgot his water bottle and the bus was really hot but I got him some water and he started to feel better.  He did not enjoy the first day so much, but he loved the second day so I think it will just be an adjustment for him.  He has made friends on the bus and at school which is very important considering everything he went through at preschool.
Andrew at the bus stop!
 Andrew with Aunt Tyler
 Mommy, Daddy and Andrew before meet the teacher
 All the kids at the bus stop (and their parents)
 Andrew on the bus!
I can't wait to hear about his day everyday!  So much fun!


Marie said...

So so so glad his second day went much better!!! An emotional support play date sounds like what I will need once Brendan starts! You will have to share all your advice with me come September:)