Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unexpected News

As most of you know my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this time last year and spent most of 2011 doing chemo.  She had been doing great despite the fact they had to stop her treatment early due to it effecting her heart. 

A few months ago my mom started seeing double vision and after a visit to the eye doctor he thought she had had a stroke so he ordered an MRI to be done to see if anymore damage had been done to her brain.  Sadly the MRI results showed a tumor in her brain.  The tumor was causing the double vision and the memory issues.  She has to begin radiation immediately.  The kids and I are headed up north this weekend to spend some time with her and be with her as she starts her treatment.  This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life but now my game face is on and I am going to stay strong for my mom! 

Please continue to pray for all of those suffering from cancer or any disease! 


Marie said...

Prayers Janelle. You and the kids being there will bring so much joy to your mom. Cancer sucks and it is so so so incredibly difficult to see your parents (or anyone for that matter) struggling through this disease. Your mom has a great support system and you will be strong for her. Hugs friend.