Monday, July 26, 2010

Babyland General Hospital

On Saturday my mother in law and I took the kids to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia.  Have you ever heard of it?  Well if you haven't it is the hospital where all the Cabbage Patch babies are born and taken care of until they are adopted.  :)  It was such a cute place for the kids to go and see all the different kinds of Cabbage Patch Kids and then of course all are available for adoption.

The visit itself is free and it is a self guided tour so you can take your time looking around and if you are lucky you will get to see the Mother Cabbage give birth to a new cabbage baby.  :)  Yes it is true, the Mother Cabbage will give birth for all to see once she is dilated to 10 leaves.  The doctor comes up and helps Mother by giving her an "easyotimy" and says he has never had to do a C-Section (Cabbage Section).  LOL.
Then the new baby comes into the world and the doctor lets two kids pick the new baby's name.

You can tell the staff puts a lot of effort into the story and making this a really good experience for the kids.  I know that my kids had a really good time and I had a great day with my mother in law.  If you are ever in the area and are looking for something fun and unique to do with your kids I highly recommend this place. 

The Legend of the Cabbage Patch Kids taken from their website.

Pictures from our day.

 The hospital as we were driving up
 The front entrance inside the hospital
The nursery
The Cabbage Patches
 The doctor delivering the new baby-It's A Boy!
Andrew and Maiya with their new babies.


Heather said...

Too Far Away from Cleveland, but it looks like a great place. I am your newest follower from Bloggy moms.

Laura said...

that is sooo cute! I also found you on bloggymoms, your new follower :)

~Shelley~ said...

Too adorable! My girls would have loved this place when they were younger!

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Have a great day :)
~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

Miranda said...

That is too cute! My kids would go nuts over something like that!

Sofia said...

This place is awesome! Too bad Cleveland is too far away...


Janelle said...

Thank you everyone! I am following everyone back. Thank you so much. :)

Shelley T. said...

That is so cute! My 4 year old would love to visit and so would I. Fond memories of my first Cabbage Patch doll.

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Anonymous said...

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motherknowsless said...

Can you imagine working there for a living? Would it even be called going to work? I love it. and your children are gorgeous!

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Janelle said...

Oh my gosh it would be so much fun to work there. I wonder how much they get paid. lol.

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Anonymous said...


I loved this post! Cabbage Patch Kids are one of the few dolls I had and LOVED as a child. I still have them, despite my husband snickering about it. =)

I love your blog, it's wonderful and on that note I have nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award!" To find out more and too see the announcement:

Lies We Tell Ourselves said...

That's awesome!!! My girls would love that!

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Shirley said...

I wish that we had thought to go out there when we lived in GA! Looks like a great time was had by all!

Janelle said...

We had an awesome time! :)

A Mom From The Burbs said...

Thank you for following me! I have returned the favor. I love your blog and look forward to following it. Oh my gosh, I remember my first cabbage patch kid.

Melissa ~ from Bloggy Moms

Bizee Mama said...

Thanks Janelle for the follow through Mommyblogs!
I love this post! I had never heard of such a place! I remember loving cabbage patch dolls when I was younger... my 4 & 8 yr olds would love to go there for a visit. Thanks for sharing!

Bizee Mama
aka Kimberly

Jackie H. said...

ummm, does it make me a dork that I would LOVE to go here-- just for me? What fun memories of childhood it brings back.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go there! I'd pick BGH over Hershey park any day!!!

How fun! - kg

Janelle said...

It was pretty cool. I can't wait to take my daughter when she gets a little older. She won't remember this trip. :)