Friday, October 22, 2010

The countdown is on...

This time next week I will be waking up in the most magical place on earth?  Where you ask?  Walt Disney world of course!  I am so excited because I have never been and neither have my kids.  This will be our first trip and we get to take it together.    We leave next Thursday and provided I can keep my family healthy it will be an amazing trip.

Now on to keeping the kids healthy.  Last Friday about 4pm Andrew looked at me burped and threw up all over the place.  That lasted for 24 hours and I thought to myself okay well at least we are getting this out of the way and everyone will get it and we will be better by Disney.  Well all week has gone by and no one else got sick so I have been so relieved.  The this morning we are sitting here and Maiya is next to me on the couch.  She does that same burp, my eyes widened and I looked over at her...not 2 seconds later she has vomit coming out of her mouth and nose.  All of her milk from this morning all over her and the couch.  Nothing worse then milk that comes back up. 

Now I am just praying that she was just overheated and not really sick, but my guess is she has the same thing Andrew had, but I am going to hold out hope that she will be okay and is not sick.  She has no fever but neither did Andrew when he was throwing up.