Sunday, October 3, 2010

T-Ball Fun

Andrew has had two T-ball games and it has been so much fun watching him play.  His team is called the Volcanoes and all the kids are so nice and they love to cheer each other on.  I am so proud of Andrew and how good he listens and follows instructions from his coaches and teammates.  Today he got a medal for good sportsmanship and he was so excited and proud of himself.  It was so cute!

Anyway here are some pictures that my sister in law took from his game last week.


Barefoot Mommy said...

How cute! I bet he has a blast.
Our little guy was supposed to start t-ball this year but my hubby's work schedule is so insane we're having to wait a year.

Janelle said...

You will love it once he starts. It is so cute to watch them play. :)

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