Friday, March 18, 2011

A Leprechaun's Visit

St. Patrick's Day has just been another holiday that kind of came and went in our household without much notice by us until a friend shared with me and idea she read on another person's blog.  The idea is having a very mischievous leprechaun come in the middle of the night and turn the house upside down and green.  So there are a ton of things you can do but I decided to start small this year because I know with each passing year it will have to get bigger.

So this year our leprechaun came and turned my kids hair green, left leprechaun dust (green confetti) all over the floor in every room he had been, hung shamrocks from the ceiling on the stairs, put our kitchen table in our living room, put the chair on the floor the wrong way, silly stringed the kids rooms and hallway and left a tattoo on each kid.

Andrew is five and he never wakes up in the middle of the night well that night of course he did to get a drink and he saw the string and confetti all over the floor and at 4:30 in the morning comes running in my room at full force and volume screaming "the leprechaun came, he made a huge mess in my room!"  That was the end of Andrew sleeping.   So we came downstairs and Andrew couldn't believe what he saw.  He has already started talking about building a trap next year to try and catch him.  :)  Next year I will do more like turn the milk green, tie shoes together, and other little crazy things.  :)  We had such a good time and all though there was a huge mess to clean up after the day was over, it was so worth it to see the kids have so much fun with it.
Coming downstairs in the morning
 Green Hair!
 Leprechaun Dust
 Maiya's Room
Andrew's Room
Kitchen Table in the living room


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