Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Mom

My mom is an amazing woman.  She has been going through chemotherapy since March and will have to undergo 11 more months before she will be done.  She has six more weeks in her second round which she has to go to every week.  She is staying strong though and I am so proud of her.

In May my mom gave us all quite a scare.  She got really sick and was admitted into the hospital for a week.  She had developed pneumonia and they could not keep her oxygen levels up.  She ended up getting a blood transfusion when her blood cell count dropped dramatically low and once they did that she started to get better much faster.  They did find some new spots on her back and ribs but decided that if it was cancer all the chemo she had left would take care of it.  We are all praying they are gone in 11 months.  She also has a broken bone in her back and that has been causing her huge amounts of pain.  There is nothing they can do for the broken bone, that will just have to heal on its own.

Even through all of this my mom is staying strong.  It is hard but she is a tough woman. She is my hero and I love her so much.  I am so excited to be going back up to be with her next month...and the kids are too!

Me and my dad
My parents with my kids