Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom Centerpieces

I am not sure how many of you know this but I started my own business called Pink Hippo Boutique.  I make party invitations and decorations and I am having a blast.  Well a few months ago a lady contacted me and asked me to make her some custom centerpieces for her daughter's Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I made her 6 large centerpieces and she placed them in a vase of flowers and they look gorgeous.  I just had to share on both my blogs. :) 

The centerpieces and napkin rings were made by Pink Hippo Boutique
Close up of the centerpieces

Thanks Sissi for letting me share your daughter's birthday photos!  :)


Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

Hi Janelle!
It's Malin (MomtheBomb13) from again. I just wanted to stop by and check in on you and lo and behold, not only have you gotten a "new do" to life your spirits, but you've gotten your very own "busyness" off the ground - can I get a "You Go Girl!"? So glad to see you so happy and bopping around. :) I've had a few "overwhelmed" moments myself lately, so I can relate. I think mine are related to hormones though, LOL. Well, just wanted to say a hello from my fellow Bloggy Moms friend! Stop by my blog again when you get a chance!
Much love,
PS I played the clarinet in band and I too, ADORE Sonic's drinks...but not for their tea, for their "good ice." ;)