Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Needing to recharge...

I am in desperate need of having my batteries recharged.  My son is going through a bit of a rough time these last few weeks and his behavior is making me lose my mind.  I have very little patience left and I have always prided myself on my patience...but not these days.  Maybe it is because we are reaching the end of the summer and he is incredibly bored and ready to go back to school and have that routine and structure that doesn't come with the summer life.  Or maybe it is his age and this is just how it is going to be for awhile (Oh Lord please help me get through this).  Either way I am in need of some ME time. 

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something I could do to recharge my batteries and the only thing I can come up with is to rent a hotel room with a King Size bed, go to the book store load up on books (because I don't have time to read) and have a quiet 24 hours to read and relax.  I could order room service so that someone else brings me my meals and cleans up after me, watch TV or just read.  It sounds great...but I have a feeling I would be bored.  Maybe being bored is what I need.  I don't know.  I just know that my kids need me to be a good mom and with the last 2 weeks being what they were I do not think I am living up to that for them.

Does anyone have any suggestions?   


Linda said...

Hi! Thank you for following me via Bloggy Moms!
I think your blog is totally cute & sweet! I love it!

Smash Bravo Team said...

Hi Janelle,

I had a great comment on here for you, it was nice and long and when I hit the darn send button my internet was gone and I lost it....grrrrrrr

So mad, hate it when that happens.

Thanks for coming by out blog, Bloggy Moms has been good to me today. So far I have met 4 wonderful moms and I look forward to getting to know all of you a lot more.

My wisdom about kids and summer went with my internet connection (out) so I will save that for another time.

take care!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Janelle! I too am following you from over at BloggyMoms, what a great way to connect! Although my kids are now (wow) 20 & 23...I can't be old enough to have kids THAT old...LOL...I do remember those days. And you're right, sounds like you're due some MEtime. If you're unable to take off for 24 hours, or believe you'll get "bored", then go somewhere quiet for half a day. Maybe the library or Starbucks, a park or whatever it is you enjoy doing. You will be surprised to find how quickly that time will go by, and you'll go home re-charged and refreshed! Do you have a hobby? I scrapbook...and would find somewhere to scrap for a wishes!

Heather said...

I totally feel ya!!!

Today I have lost my patience with my son on mulitiple ocasions for getting into stuff he has been told a billion times not to touch. It was straight to time out with him upstairs in the pack n play. While I racked my brain trying to figure out another way to baby proof the desk he's been getting into. I can't figure out how to do it. We all need that mommy time away!!

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Yes, recharge, run away for 24 hours just for you. Read books, watch tv, stay in your pjs all day long (after a long hot bubble bath with no one knocking on the door). You deserve it.'re a great Mom.
P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog too see you here, there and at bloggy mom.

Lisa Madden Bass said...

I can SO relate to what you are saying about recharging your batteries, and actually your idea about getting a hotel room and a stack of books sound GREAT to me!
I think you a right about it being the end of the summer for the Kiddos and they are bored (I know my 6 year-old is!)
Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is SO nice to meet have another follower!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

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Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

Hey Gal! Bless your heart - I totally get where you're coming from! Would a quiet day at home be possible? You know, have someone take the kids off your hands for a day (a DAY, not a few hours) and just give you time to kick around the house, read, watch trashy TV, listen to music too loudly, eat chocolate for breakfast, etc. Maybe it would be just enough time to recharge but not so much that you'd get bored? Just a thought. By the way, I'm a follower from Bloggy Moms - LOVE the name of your blog and plan to post your button on my's just too cute not to! :) Take care my love - as my Nana always said, "This too, shall pass." :)
Much Love and Blessings,
Malin (MomtheBomb13 on Twitter)

Kayla said...

I wish I had advice. I am going through my own little hell with the terrible twos. Potato seems to think it is wise to push mommy to her breaking point every second of the day. I am love my son but I am very thankful that he goes to daycare during the day and mommy goes to work. My sis-in-law is a stay at home mom and I always make it a point to tell her that she is a strong woman. I love her but there is no way that I could do it!

SoMo Mom said...

I always thought "jail" sounded like a good gig ... just for a night of course. :) Not sure that is the best recommendation tho! A friend & I DID do the hotel thing last year. We had a couple cocktails by the pool, read books, had a nice dinner & we were in bed by 9. (It's funny how what you think is a good time changes as you get older.) Do it! It's rejuvenating!
Btw, THANK YOU for the Versitle Blogger award ... It's my first one ever! I will wear it proudly!!

Janelle said...

Thank you everyone for the support! After talking to my husband I have decided to go ahead and check into a hotel Saturday night. IT will be a little strange to be alone for that long, but I really think I need it. I am going to take some books and movies and just relax. :) I will let you all know how it goes. :)